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JOLLY BABIES - music & movement for babies aged up to 15 months


JOLLY BABIES is the first step on our musical learning journey and provides babies with their first musical experiences. This class is specifically designed for babies aged from 12 weeks up to about 15 months and they come along each week with their special adult, whether it be mummy, daddy, a grandparent, or another important person. Classes are kept small (8 babies approx) and are friendly, fun and relaxed. The songs are a mixture of nursery rhymes, traditional songs and original songs especially composed for Jolly Babies.
Each weekly session is carefully designed for very young babies and the structure is kept the same throughout which helps the babies feel secure in their environment, and the repetition gives them a familiar routine to follow. Every session includes a hello song, action songs, percussion time, songs that include movement, a listening and relaxation time, and finish with a goodbye song. We practice waving and clapping, enjoy bouncing and moving to the music, and also learn lots of new songs to sing together after we've gone home. During the class we use different props to enhance the experience for the babies which can include teddies, scarves, balls, bubbles and puppets.
The classes aim to encourage early social skills and speech development, as well as being a fun introduction to music and rhythm. And the classes are also an opportunity for baby and carer to spend some special time together and make new friends.

When the babies have started to toddle and/or are aged around 12-18 months they sometimes move into a class called 'JOLLY BABIES-MOVING ON'. This class is designed to give these older babies a gentle transition from the Jolly Babies classes they are used to, towards the more active Music with Mummy format of classes


This class will run if there are enough babies of the same age and who can make the time of the class. Otherwise, babies can stay in Jolly Babies a bit longer or go straight into Music with Mummy if you prefer.